Since we are more than 100 years old Pueblo 43 has a unique culture that is built on many traditions.  Four of those traditions were evident in recent meetings.
Burnie, Pam and Timothy Zercher were recognized by Jeff Stuyt, our RI Foundation Chair, as Burnie and Pam award Timothy his first honorary Paul Harris Award.  A Paul Harris Award is given for a $1,000 cumulative contribution to the Rotary International Foundation and can be given in the name of a spouse, relative or friend.  Burnie Zercher, a multiple Paul Harris Recipient, is shown giving an honorary Paul Harris Award to his son, Timothy, a new member of Pueblo 43.

Another cherished Pueblo 43 tradition is the role of the "sheriff" in drawing attention to members who are in the news.  In this photo Sheriff Laurie Clark who is the Pueblo 43 Sergeant-at-Arms introduces two new club members, Taylor Voss and Jeff Osterman who are new to the club.  Sheriff Clark highlights our open culturally sensitive character with her St. Patrick's Day hat.

The next photo shows Pueblo 43 President, Michael Salardino, awarding the blue badge to Karen L' Argent, now a "full" member of Pueblo 43.  New members are given a red badge as they enter the club and are required to complete a list of tasks to accomplish to move to the blue badge.  The list includes the following requriements:
You must complete all of the following:
  • Join a Committee: Don’t be shy, jump right in! Any committee would be pleased for your help!
  • Give a Classification Talk - this 2-3 minute talk informs the members of your life, your profession, your interests.
  • Have your photo taken for the directory - contact Leslie Nazario.
  • Forward a short bio to the webmaster for club directory
AND, you must complete 4 of any of the following activities:
  • Attend a Rotary Foundation meeting
  • Attend a Rotary Board meeting
  • Introduce visiting guests
  • Lead the Invocation at a meeting
  • Sing with the Glee Club
  • Attend or help plan a Rotary event or function
  • Be a Rotary Reader
  • Attend a Rotary Conference “Make Up” or attend a neighboring Rotary Club meeting
Congratulations to Karen on completing the Totem Pole and receiving her blue badge.

A final photo shows Ralph Williams introducing a Rotary Student of the Month.  Each month, Pueblo 43 member David Duque coordinates the recruitment of honorary Rotary Students of the Month from every high school, college and university in the area.  These students each submit answers to questions highlighting their various activites, awards, interests and plans which are shared with the club members by a Rotarian.  This program brings local students and their accomplishments to every club meeting and gives them a brief introduction to Rotary.  This tradition keeps alive the believe that young people in Pueblo will be great future community leaders and great future Rotarians.
As you can see Rotary 43 has many unique traditions that help maintain our strong culture.