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This year’s Rotary International theme is “BE THE INSPRIATION”.  I think of those in our club that are truly inspiring, in both their words and actions, and how they are the first to defer praise.  It is not about Herculean acts, but how their service to others, leads others to serve also. Some of the most inspiring among our club are quiet, while others are very energizing.  But the common denominator among them is their dedication to Rotary. They build goodwill and better friendships, and a professional network, that can and is a benefit to all concerned. 
       I am a fan of our founder, Paul Harris.  The idea of bringing together business professionals from all trades, for fellowship and mutual support, to increase their opportunities to succeed through the efforts of all, is genius.  Basing the organization on high ethical standards and trust among the members, is just the cherry on top.  When our business community is strong, it has the time and resources to serve beyond our own front door. 
       I believe through the relationships we create within Rotary 43, we build a network of business and professional leaders, who learn to rely on each other in work and play.  Through this developed trust, Rotary 43 is able to leverage our standing within the community and among the many other organizations we support, to provide service to others in remarkable ways.  Our club can serve as a catalyst to bring together, in shared service, all the many organizations we work with and for. 
       So as we gather for our weekly meal, consider inviting someone you do business with, a company you find to be outstanding in their service, a fellow board member in another organization that you consider an asset, the new person in town or your neighbor.  They may be in need of inspiration from YOU! 
Yours in Service,
"Be the Inspiration"