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Club Traditions Continue
Since we are more than 100 years old Pueblo 43 has a unique culture that is built on many traditions.  Four of those traditions were evident in recent meetings.
Burnie, Pam and Timothy Zercher were recognized by Jeff Stuyt, our RI Foundation Chair, as Burnie and Pam award Timothy his first honorary Paul Harris Award.  A Paul Harris Award is given for a $1,000 cumulative contribution to the Rotary International Foundation and can be given in the name of a spouse, relative or friend.  Burnie Zercher, a multiple Paul Harris Recipient, is shown giving an honorary Paul Harris Award to his son, Timothy, a new member of Pueblo 43.

Another cherished Pueblo 43 tradition is the role of the "sheriff" in drawing attention to members who are in the news.  In this photo Sheriff Laurie Clark who is the Pueblo 43 Sergeant-at-Arms introduces two new club members, Taylor Voss and Jeff Osterman who are new to the club.  Sheriff Clark highlights our open culturally sensitive character with her St. Patrick's Day hat.

The next photo shows Pueblo 43 President, Michael Salardino, awarding the blue badge to Karen L' Argent, now a "full" member of Pueblo 43.  New members are given a red badge as they enter the club and are required to complete a list of tasks to accomplish to move to the blue badge.  The list includes the following requriements:
You must complete all of the following:
  • Join a Committee: Don’t be shy, jump right in! Any committee would be pleased for your help!
  • Give a Classification Talk - this 2-3 minute talk informs the members of your life, your profession, your interests.
  • Have your photo taken for the directory - contact Leslie Nazario.
  • Forward a short bio to the webmaster for club directory
AND, you must complete 4 of any of the following activities:
  • Attend a Rotary Foundation meeting
  • Attend a Rotary Board meeting
  • Introduce visiting guests
  • Lead the Invocation at a meeting
  • Sing with the Glee Club
  • Attend or help plan a Rotary event or function
  • Be a Rotary Reader
  • Attend a Rotary Conference “Make Up” or attend a neighboring Rotary Club meeting
Congratulations to Karen on completing the Totem Pole and receiving her blue badge.

A final photo shows Ralph Williams introducing a Rotary Student of the Month.  Each month, Pueblo 43 member David Duque coordinates the recruitment of honorary Rotary Students of the Month from every high school, college and university in the area.  These students each submit answers to questions highlighting their various activites, awards, interests and plans which are shared with the club members by a Rotarian.  This program brings local students and their accomplishments to every club meeting and gives them a brief introduction to Rotary.  This tradition keeps alive the believe that young people in Pueblo will be great future community leaders and great future Rotarians.
As you can see Rotary 43 has many unique traditions that help maintain our strong culture.
Club Traditions Continue Bruce C Raymond 2017-03-24 06:00:00Z
The Knowledge Bowl Competition: Better than Ever
Once again the Pueblo 43 Knowledge Bowl member team outlasted a strong team of local high school students.  While it took detailed knowledge of Pueblo 43 and our club's history, our club team eventually won out over the talented newcomers.  Pueblo 43 team members,  Linda Stetter, Dan Centa, Kent Couch and Kevin Keilbach are shown celebrating their victory.  The team of high school competitors console themselves as the Rotarians snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
The Knowledge Bowl Competition: Better than Ever Bruce C. Raymond 2017-03-24 06:00:00Z
Programs, Programs, Programs
Thanks go to Kevin Keilbach, our President Elect, and the 2016-2017 program chair.  He has done a really great job recruiting interesting and motivational speakers/programs.  Here are a few recent examples, Our own, Taylor Voss, who spoke about his new book, "Self Discovery in College,"  Bruce Elson who shared his experiences at the conclusion of WWII including personal reflections on Hiroshima and Kevin Coates who talked about his new career as a life coach.
Programs, Programs, Programs Bruce C. Raymond 2017-03-24 06:00:00Z
Pueblo 43 Donates Dictionaries
Once again the Pueblo 43 Rotary Club raised funds to give a hard-bound dictionary to every third grader in Pueblo and Pueblo West, over 2,700 dictionaries.  We are proud to promote literacy in Pueblo and around the world.  And, from the looks of these students you can see that they are very happy to have their very own dictionary.  Club member Ralph Williams is shown providing an explanation of the purpose of Rotary and why we support literacy.
These full color illustrated dictionaries include a variety of supplementary references such as full world maps and listing of all American presidents.  A recent survey of Pueblo teachers responded unanimously that the dictionaries are still a very useful teaching tool, even in the internet age.  In fact one teacher mentioned that less than 50% of her students had access to the internet and another said that this is the only book in some homes.
Pueblo 43 Donates Dictionaries Bruce C. Raymond 2017-01-13 07:00:00Z
Santa Visits Pueblo 43 Holiday Party
Pueblo 43 welcomed over 45 young guests, along with many parents and grand parents to our annual holiday party held on Monday, December 19, 2016.  The mood was set with holiday music from our own Michael Wakefiled on trumpet, accompanied by our regular pianist.
The children enjoyed the story read by guest reader, Kathleen Croshal, and were excited to receive personalized gifts from Jolly old St. Nick.
Many thanks go to our Club Secretary, Carolann Bronko, who did a great job of planning the holiday party.
Santa Visits Pueblo 43 Holiday Party Bruce C. Raymond 2017-01-13 07:00:00Z
Out With the Old, In With the New
The end of June heralds the end of the outgoing president's term (Bruce Raymond) and the welcome of our new president (Michael Salardino).  At the President's Dinner Michael thanked Bruce for his fairness and his thoroughness; I guess you could say that Bruce was thoroughly fair.  
At Michael's first meeting of the new year he reviewed the club strategic plan and asked club members to step up to serve, particularly in pulling together to host our international exchange student.  Congratulations to Michael, and thank you to Bruce!
Out With the Old, In With the New Bruce C. Raymond 2016-07-25 06:00:00Z
New Sponsors are Welcome Any Time
Sponsor support of this website helps Pueblo #43 Rotarians keep up to date with important and changing information, along with access to vital club information. Additional sponsors will help to keep this site maintained and useful to our membership.  Only $5.00 per month to help sponsor the website!
New Sponsors are Welcome Any Time Carolann Bronko
Submit a Press Release
The press release form is available for any club member responsible for a club activity who would like to publicize/promote a particular club event.  Find it at the bottom right of the web site.
1. The individual should fill in the form and may continue on to a second page as required to best describe the event.
2. The draft should be submitted as an attachment to email to the PR Committee at least two weeks in advance of the event's date.
3. The PR Committee will finalize the press release, with a copy to the originator of the draft prior to release for their review and agreement as to the content.
4. Draft press release forms should be sent via email to:
Linda Roof:
Todd Kelly:
Thank you for your cooperation.
Submit a Press Release Linda Roof
Rotary43 Foundation
The Pueblo Rotary 43 Foundation exists to apply the whole or part of the income and principal of the fund for charitable, religious, scientific, literary, scholarships, or educational purposes, either directly or individually, or by contributions to IRS 501c3 organizations. The Foundation board meets quarterly (March, June, September, December) and your request must be directed in writing to:

Pueblo Rotary 43 Foundation
PO Box 8294
Pueblo, CO 81008

Please ensure that your request includes the following:
- On letterhead and signed by an authorized officer of the organization
- Specific monetary request, proposed purpose of funds, how funds will be spent
- IRS 501c3 status
- Other pertinent information for the board to review
Rotary43 Foundation Carol Bronko