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Third graders across Pueblo County each received their own copy of the hard bound Scholastic Children's Dictionary in December from Rotary 43 or Pueblo West Rotary. The dictionary is full of illustrations and photographs to help students understand words better with the pronunciation guides and definitions. Rotary 43 members hand delivered dictionaries to over 2,200 students in S.D. 70, 60 and to the private schools in Pueblo.
The Rotary members received dozens of hugs, letters, and thank you's from parents, students and teachers for the dictionaries. The Rotary members found this to be one of the most rewarding experiences they have had in Rotary and hope this project continues for many more years. The money to buy the dictionaries came from El Pomar Foundation, The Corporate Cup Boat Race, Rotary 43 Operating funds and Pueblo West Rotary.
The warehouse workers from School District #60 picked up the books from the drop site in Colorado Springs. Each district delivered books to each school so they would be ready for the Rotarians to hand to each child. Thanks to the donors, volunteers and the district employees that made this project all come together so each 3rd grader would be able to have their own dictionary to use and share.